Nom Kollektiv creates innovative dance performances and dance films. The relationships with ourselves, our bodies, the other and the time in which we live are elements that run through the work. My art is of a piece with my way of living and social engagement. I create pieces so that I could see more accurately and understand more about life.

– Jaakko Nieminen, Artistic Director


Anthem-juliste copy

The dance performance Anthem considers the impacts of national identity on the artists who created this show. How can movement express a national anthem? How much do attitudes towards a certain nation influence the bodily interpretation of the national anthem in question?

Le Nom


Le Nom is a work of art about wordmongering. Wordmongering concerns poor arguments. Our world is a paradise for this phenomenon.   It is an utterly irrational place, where poor arguments provide a fig leaf for greed.

DropPing, Vol.3 The Movie

DropPing, Vol.3

DropPing vol 3. The Movie is a short film based on the DropPing vol 2. work of art. Vol 3. is a video on good and bad, and on taking a black-and-white view of the world.

DropPing, Vol. 2

DropPing, Vol. 2

DropPing vol. 2 explores the good and the bad. How do those appear in the behaviourism and contemporary dance? What is actually good and bad and what defines that? Whta do we actually mean when we say that something is good? Can art be valued as good or bad? Is bad also bad in terms… | More »



Bad behaviour was the primary idea for the piece. In the class society where the droppings of the society are not bevaving according to the good manners, it is possible to stare and not take in consideration other people. These droppings play, run away and shout and don’t give damn about good manners. Bad behaviorism… | More »

The Dark Side of the Light

The Dark Side of the Light

The piece is an exploration of parallel realities. An emotional journey to the grief in a performance situation. It also asks: What is real, and what do we need to experience something as real? Do we feel everything that happens in our life as real? This feeling is strongly attached to funerals. Everyone confronts the… | More »